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Another Son Of Tamil Nadu Mourned

Another Son Of Tamil Nadu Mourned

Sudhakar Balasundaram

Sudhakar Balasundaram

Sivachandran hailing from Ariyalur district in Tamil Nadu was amongst the 40 CRPF personnel killed in a deadly suicide bomb attack

By Sudhakar Balasundaram

The son of a coolie worker, Sivachandran studied hard, well aware that his father Chinnaiyan was struggling to educate him on a meagre income. After completing his B Tech and MA, he went on to join the CRPF in 2010, a job with steady income to support his impoverished family, he thought. In 2014 he was married to Gandhimathi, a bride from the same village and they had a son, now two years old. The family hails from Karkudi village near Jayankondam in Ariyalur district.

But terror struck in Pulwama on Thursday, killing Sivachandran along with 40 others in a suicide bombing.

“He came in January to go to the Iyappan temple (in Sabarimala),” said Gandhimathi, his wife. “He was here at home and left on February 07. On Tuesday he said he went to Delhi and then he went elsewhere for security duty. He called me yesterday morning and said he was back to his usual posting (Pulwama) and asked how our son was. He then called me again at 12 noon and said take care of the baby. I am three months pregnant. Now my children are orphans, what will I do?” she cried.

This is the second tragedy in the family. Last year, Sivachandran’s younger brother Selvachandran died of electrocution in Chennai where he was working. A grieving father faces the loss of two sons and has in his care a daughter who is mute.

Karkudi village grieves the loss of Sivachandran

“My daughter in law is pregnant,” said a distraught Chinnaiyan, father of Sivachandran. “I am old and we will pass away soon. It will be good if the government can provide a job for my daughter in law.”